Vinyl Printing Services

Garment Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl is a media which comes on rolls. A CNC cutter / plotter is used to cut the shapes of the design, and someone needs to weed away the unwanted portions manually. This can be tedious work if the design is highly detailed. Very fine details will be more costly than basic block lettering, for example. There are surface minimums the vinyl requires to be successful. So when doing smaller decorations or smaller patches, perhaps designs will need to be adjusted. Take a look at the colour card we have available, unfortunately because vinyl is a media that we purchase on a roll, we are limited to the colours that are provided to us. Unlike ink, where we can mix colours to produce pantone matches, we are at the liberty of what is available on the market.

We also offer specialty heat press media such as flock, reflective vinyl, and metallic vinyl.

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