Patch & Tag Production

We pride ourselves in offering the most variety of any custom garment facility we've ever even heard of. One of the largest scopes of offerings has got to be our patch / tag catalogue.

Almost all varieties has an iron on backing option. All varieties have an interfaced option (make the patch feel thicker) although some, like veg tan leather, absolutely do not require it. Some of the varieties have a velcro backing option.

The options for edge cutting / finishing is listed after each type.

Here is a list of types we have to offer:

Embroidery Twill: marrow, satin stitch, laser cut
Digital Print w/ Embroidery Twill: marrow, satin stitch, laser cut
Digital Print Twill: marrow edge, laser cut
Digital Print Broadcloth: laser cut
Digital Print Jersey: rotary cut
Digital Print w/ Vinyl Twill: marrow, laser cut
Vinyl: marrow, satin stitch, laser cut
Microsuede: laser cut
Screen Print Microsuede: laser cut
Screen Print Twill: laser cut, marrow, satin stitch
Leather: laser cut

Embroidered Patches

Check out our carefully crafted embroidery patches! Choose up to 8 colours to perfectly capture your design.

Microsuede Tags

Look into our microsuede tags for a professional finish to your garments! Fake leather, 100% polyester.

Sublimation Patches

Give our sublimation patches a look! Smooth feel and appearance- our widest range of colour matching for patches.

Woven Tags

Try out our woven tags! Select up to 4 colours to represent your brand.

Vinyl Printed Patches

Check our vinyl patches out! Available in black or white patch fabric; complete your design with a 1- or 2-colour print.



Laser Cut Leather Patches

Look into our leather patches! Made from sturdy fake leather, laser cut and etched from ~2mm thick wedges.

Digital Print Patches

Contact us about our digital print patches! A slick, detailed print for any design.