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Direct to Film

A photographic printing process in which an image is printed directly onto photographic film without the use of an intermediate negative.


Specialized printers and inks are used to achieve high-quality prints.

The film is first coated with a unique adhesive that allows the ink to adhere properly. Once the image is printed onto the film, it is then transferred onto the desired fabric using a heat press.

This method ensures that the design is permanently bonded to the fabric, resulting in a durable and vibrant print.

DTF Innovation

This new technology is awesome, with no cracking or peeling, and can be matched to whatever Pantone colour you wish!

DTF printing is also highly versatile, making it ideal for a variety of materials and designs, including intricate and multicoloured graphics.

The Printing Essentials

No Minimum Amounts

With our capability to print single garments, we've made full-color apparel accessible and budget-friendly for everyone.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering exactly what you need, whether it's one custom shirt or a small batch for an event.

High Resolution

Direct-to-film printing can produce very high-resolution prints, as there is no loss of detail caused by an intermediate negative.

This printing technology delivers sharp, precise images with intricate details, making your prints truly stand out.

Accurate Colours

This process can accurately reproduce the colours in the original image, as there is no colour filtration or interpretation by an intermediate negative.

Giving you confidence in the consistency and quality of your prints.

Fast Turnaround

Since there is no need to create an intermediate negative, direct-to-film printing can be a faster process than other printing methods.

With this technology, we can fulfill your orders promptly without compromising on quality.

Direct to film colourful journey graphic on black shirt on person.


The DTF printing method minimizes costs by eliminating intermediates and the need for additional materials, providing you with an economical solution for your printing needs.

Enjoy competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, maximizing your budget for custom printing projects.

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