Direct to Film

Direct-to-film printing is a photographic printing process in which an image is printed directly onto photographic film without the use of an intermediate negative. This process is also known as "contact printing," as the photographic film is in direct contact with the positive image being printed.

This new technology is awesome, with no cracking or peeling, and can be matched to whatever Pantone colour you wish!

The benefits of direct-to-film printing include:

1. No minimum amounts: We can now print one-off garments for anyone's needs, making full colour printed garments more accessible and cost friendly to everyone.
2. High resolution: Direct-to-film printing can produce very high-resolution prints, as there is no loss of detail caused by an intermediate negative.
3. Accurate color reproduction: This process can accurately reproduce the colors in the original image, as there is no color filtration or interpretation by an intermediate negative.
4. Fast printing times: Since there is no need to create an intermediate negative, direct-to-film printing can be a faster process than other printing methods.
5. Cost-effective: This process can be more cost-effective than other printing methods, as there is no need for an intermediate negative or other additional materials.

Multi-Colour Prints

When your artwork calls for it, we're here to provide it. Two-colour, three-colour, four-colour - you name it! Consult one of our experts today and we can help ensure your print matches your expectations and your budget.