Our Policies

Please read through our policies and disclaimers as they may be pertinent to your order.

Approval and Deposit:

When signing approval for an order, please ensure that everything is as you want it. Once we receive your deposit and approval, we do not allow further changes to your order.

Printing Spoilage:

Any decoration order is subject to a 2% spoilage rate per production event.

While we take pride in printing at a high level of quality and consistency, mistakes do happen. In the printing industry, a spoilage rate of 2% is standard. While our total rate of spoilage is lower than 2%, we will not be held accountable for up to 2% of garments spoiled in one order (minimum 2 garments).

You will NOT be charged for any spoiled garments and prints; we simply will not be liable to reorder spoiled garments.

Customer Supplied Garments:

Great, you’re supplying your own garments :) We charge a handling fee which is determined by the quantity and type of garment you’re supplying. We will do our best to provide you the utmost quality in your chosen method of printing or patch production. However, with supplied garments, we cannot guarantee anything. Any issues or imperfections would be at the risk of the customer supplying the garments.

When dropping off supplied garments, please ensure that the garments are neatly folded as though they had just been received from the supplier; otherwise an extra handling fee may be applied. Garments that are not properly folded may also cause issues with the straightness of prints.


Mockups are meant to provide a look at logo positioning and colour, and do not always reflect the actual size of print. The final print size on a garment is determined by the size in inches that is noted on a quote (ie 4" Wide), not by the size of the print as it appears on the mockup. The final print may fill out more or less of a garment depending on the garment's size (ie, a small vs. XL shirt will be less/more filled out by a 10" Wide logo). We are not responsible if the size of a logo on a garment does not match the size of the logo on a mockup. Please double check the written value of size dimensions, and let us know if you have a particular size in mind as we would like to avoid any mixups :)


If you are placing a reorder that is meant to be exactly the same as a previous order, please look over the new quote to ensure all details are the same as the first time around.


For best results with vinyl-printed garments, do not use a high heat dryer. Hang garments to dry.


Initial estimates for stitch count may not reflect the stitch count after digitizing. We do our best with our estimations, but may need to adjust them again after digitizing is done. This can result in a change of price. We are not liable for any changes in pricing due to stitch count variations and the customer will need to be held responsible. If such a discrepancy between initial and final stitch count exists, we will do our best to communicate the change before production.

Sublimation Tags:

Material for sublimation tags is not guaranteed to always be the same. Re-orders for sublimation tags and/or patches may not be printed on the same exact material as previous orders.


Patches are cut from pre-sized sheets that cannot be resized. As such, patch sizes will need to be specified if exact sizes are mandatory. Otherwise, patches may come close to the size but not exact.



We cannot guarantee matching a Pantone colour when dying garments. In fact, we guarantee that the dye will NOT match a provided Pantone colour! Dyeing creates an uneven colour, which is often not controllable.

Stock Shortages:

With worldwide stock shortages right now, in all industries, it can be challenging to bring in stock. Stock shortages are ever changing, and some distributors don’t have live stock checks. In rare circumstances, we won’t even know an item isn’t arriving until we’re receiving the boxes. Because of these rare occasions, we cannot be held accountable for any stock shortages at distributors. Our company policy if we cannot find the style and size is to either sub a similar style, size, or an alternative colour in the same style and size. Please let us know what your preference is.