Garment Finishing

Take your ideas and turn them into a brand. With in-house cut & sew services, we can remove factory hang tags and replace them with your own custom printed tags and size labels. That could be microsuede collar tags, sub dyed hang tags, screen printed tags, and more! This service doesn't just end with clothing. Brand your caps with inside/outside cuff tags or snap back tags. Totes, aprons, toques, back packs, disc golf bags, onesies, sports bras - the sky is limit!

This service is available for customer supplied peices as well!

Inside & Outside Band Cap Finishing

Sometimes is pays to think inside the box. The prime realestate on a your favourite snap back does not end with the front panel. Inside band tags are an easy way to go the extra mile, but don't forget you can spice up the backside too.

Snapback/Strapback Tags

Finish your next cap off with a small woven or microsuede tag on the back end.

Kangaroo & Hem Tags

Add a custom printed tag to your next garment! Long rectangular tags are great for wrapping around the edge of a hem. This may include (but is not limited to): kangaroo pouches, bottom seams, sleeve seams, heck even side seams, hood seams, wrist cuffs, etc.

Inside Collar Labels & Tags

Out with the old, in with the new! Replace factory hang and size tags with your own for an extra polished look. From woven tags to laser etched microsuede, you can do no wrong.